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Current weather at the Nursery

Balsam FirAbies balsama

Not for sale online
  • Height50 FT(15 M)
  • Spread20 FT(6 M)
  • Zone1
  • Sunlight ConditionFull Sun to Part Shade
  • Soil ConditionMoist to Wet

This product is not for sale online. Since no two trees are the same we invite you to come into our nursery and see our amazing selection and pick the tree that’s right for you and your location.

An evergreen with soft, flat, green needles, a strong central leader, and a spire-like upright form. Particular about its growing conditions; not for exposed or windy conditions. Dark green needles which remain on the tree all season long. Smooth grey bark adds an interesting dimension to the landscape. Best planted in a sheltered location. A distinctive scent. 


  • Large size tree
  • Medium growth rate
  • All season tree
  • Low canopy
  • Native to parts of North America
  • Shade tree
  • Green needles year round
  • Attracts birds
  • Winter interest
  • Aromatic

Optimal Growing Conditions:

  • Plant in a full sun to partial shade location
  • Requires moist to wet conditions, and can even tolerate some standing water
  • Has a definite preference for sandy, acidic soils
  • Consider applying a thick mulch around root zone to insulate in exposed or cooler locations
  • Intolerant of urban pollution

Tree Maintenance:

  • Occasional maintenance
  • When pruning is required, it is recommended to only trim back the new growth of the current season, rather than to remove any dieback


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