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Double Delight RaspberryRubus idaeus ’Double Delight’

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  • Height5 FT(2 M)
  • Spread5 FT(2 M)
  • Zone3
  • Sunlight ConditionFull Sun
  • Soil ConditionWell Drained
  • Fruit/EdibilityEdible Fruit, Abundance of Fruit
  • Flowering TimeSpring
  • Flower ColorWhite

A hardy, multistem deciduous shrub with an upright, spreading habit of growth. Large, firm, ruby red, edible berries, with an excellent flavour. Ripens late august to late september. Produces fruit on new growth. Excellent for fresh eating, making jams and jellies, and cooking and baking. Prune canes to the ground in late fall. Best planted in hedge rows for maximum fruit production. Features green foliage throughout the season, turning to a yellow colour in fall. Higher yields with two varieties.


  • Medium size shrub
  • Fast growth rate
  • Yellow fall colour
  • Sharp thorns
  • Produces suckers
  • Mass planting
  • Naturalization/reclamation/woodlands gardens
  • Self-pollinating
  • Attracts birds
  • Edible fruit
  • Bestseller

Optimal Growing Conditions:

  • Plant in a full sun location
  • Prefers average to moist conditions and should not be allowed to dry out
  • Somewhat tolerant of urban pollution


  • High maintenance
  • Best pruned in late winter or early spring once the threat of extreme cold has passed
  • Prune canes to the ground after harvesting

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