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Burgundy Glow BugleweedAjuga reptans ’Burgundy Glow’

Not for sale online
  • Height1 FT(15 CM)
  • Spread2 FT(61 CM)
  • Zone3
  • Sunlight ConditionPart Shade
  • Soil ConditionMoist Well Drained
  • Fruit/EdibilityNo Fruit, Edible Foliage
  • Flowering TimeMid to Late Spring
  • Flower ColorDeep Blue

This product is not for sale online.

This low-growing evergreen perennial offers unique texture and color to your landscape. Short spikes of deep blue flowers emerge from low dense mounds of medium sized ruffles leaves with green, cream and smoky pink. The foliage develops beautiful bronze and burgundy tones in fall and through winter. Excellent for edging as it has a trailing habit and best suited to small areas - this variety is not typically used for large area groundcover. The flowers may attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. Rabbits and deer do not particularly care for this plant. 

Growing Conditions: 

  • Plant in a partial to full shade location
  • Average to moist - does not tolerate standing water - drought tolerant
  • Medium growth rate


  • Remove any all green or bronze shoots
  • Easily divided in spring or fall

Edible/Herbal/Medicinal Uses:

Young shoots may be eaten in spring salads or sauteed. Has a long history as a medicinal herb and is said to have a mild narcotic effect when ingested. Used topically or taken internally for a wide range of ailments

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here regarding edible/herbal/medicinal uses is for informational purposes only. Always consult a physician or other qualified health professional prior to ingesting any plant not sold expressly for its edibility

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