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Stella D’Oro DaylilyHemerocallis "Stella D’Oro"

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  • Height2 FT(46 CM)
  • Spread2 FT(61 CM)
  • Zone2
  • Sunlight ConditionFull Sun to Part Shade
  • Soil ConditionWell Drained
  • Flowering TimeLate Spring to Early Fall
  • Flower ColorGolden Yellow

Growing Conditions: 

  • Plant in full sun to part shade location
  • Prefers normal soil. Tolerates a wide variety
  • Prefers moist, well drained. Drought tolerant once established
  • Medium growing


  • Very easy to grow - low maintenance
  • Divide clumps in spring or fall every few years, or once plant becomes crowded and flowering diminishes
  • Can be divided anytime
  • Deadheading and cutting back foliage in fall improves plant appearance
  • Common Concerns: Roots may rot in poorly drained soils. Susceptible to powdery mildew and fungal issues

Edible/Herbal/Medicinal Uses:

Note: May cause gastrointenstinal distress in some people - proceed with caution, and start with small amounts, cooked. Edible flowers - great in salads or to add to stir fry. Plump, almost-open flower buds may be dried then re-hydrated in winter months. Greens are best eaten in spring and can be eaten raw, sauteed, steamed etc. Starchy tubers can be dug and eaten raw or cooked (similar to potatoes). Most parts have some mild medicinal uses

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here regarding edible/herbal/medicinal uses is for informational purposes only. Always consult a physician or other qualified health professional prior to ingesting any plant not sold expressly for its edibililty

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