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Variegated Bishop’s GoutweedAegopodium podagraria ’Variegatum’

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  • Height1 FT(41 CM)
  • Spread5 FT(2 M)
  • Zone2
  • Sunlight ConditionFull Sun to Part Shade
  • Soil ConditionWell Drained
  • Fruit/EdibilityNo Fruit, Edible Foliage
  • Flowering TimeSpring
  • Flower ColorDainty White

A low-growing and fast growing spreading perennial, used as a groundcover. It’s variegated leaves which are light green with creamy white margins, provide nice color and texture in the garden. Flowers are insignificant. 

Growing Conditions: 

  • Plant in full sun to part shade, will tolerate heavy shade
  • Best in average, well drained soils  - Drought tolerant
  • Fast growing


  • Low maintenance if in a contained planting and permitted to spread
  • Flowers may be removed to prevent self-seeding
  • Common Concerns: Spreads by rhizomes (underground stems) and can be very aggressive. Plants may revert back to the species with all green leaves - to retain variegated form, remove plants that revert.

Edible/Herbal/Medicinal Uses:

Foliage may be used as a spring leaf vegetable - picked too late it can have a pungent taste and laxative effect. Historically used to treat Gout and arthritis

DISCLAIMER: The information presented here regarding edible/herbal/medicinal uses is for informational purposes only. Always consult a physician or other qualified health professional prior to ingesting any plant not sold expressly for its edibility

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