We are closing today September 19th at 12:00 P.M. due to the weather.

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Cloudy / Windy Spruce Grove
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Popular Products

Flamingo WillowSalix integra "Flamingo"
Little Devil Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius "Donna May"
Blue Clips BellflowerCampanula carpatica
Minuet WeigelaWeigela florida "Minuet"
Dakota Pinnacle BirchBetula platyphylla "Fargo"
Royal Red MapleAcer platanoides "Royal Red"
Evans CherryPrunus "Evans"
Bakeri SprucePicea pungens "Bakeri"
Golden Variegated DogwoodCornus alba ""Gouchaultii"
Incrediball HydrangeaHydrangea arborescens "Abetwo"
Walker’s Low CatmintNepeta racemosa "Walker’s Low"
Bella Anna HydrangeaHydrangea arborescens "PIIHA-1"
Swedish Columnar AspenPopulus tremula "Erecta"
Amur MapleAcer ginnala
Fire Ball Burning BushEuonymus alatus "Select"
Northblue Blueberry Vaccinium "Northblue"
Northline SaskatoonAmelanchier alnifolia "Northline" ;
Amur Maple ShrubAcer ginnala
Spring Snow CrabappleMalus "Spring Snow"
Elijah Blue Fescue GrassFestuca glauca "Elijah Blue"
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