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Hedges are used for multiple reasons such as creating boundaries, privacy, wind break, deterring people, deterring animals, and aesthetics.  The most common variety of shrubs used for hedging are:

  • Common Caragana
  • Peking Cotoneaster
  • Alpine Currant

Currently here at Kiwi Nurseries, you can purchase these plants in bulk and receive a discount! 

Cotoneaster #1 Pot

  • 15 or more $10.50/ea (Save $4.50/ea)
  • 30 or more $8.00/ea (Save $7.00/ea)

Cotoneaster #2 Pot

  • 15 or more $18.75/ea (Save $6.25/ea)
  • 30 or more $16.00/ea (Save 9.00/ea)

 Alpine Current #5 Pot

  • 15 or more $25.00/ea

 Common Caragana #1 Pot

  • 15 or more $11.25/ea (Save $3.75/ea)
  • 30 or more $9.50/ea (save $5.50/ea)


Do you live in a windy area or are you looking to  create privacy in your back yard? Consider creating a shelter belt and or privacy wall with these perfect varieties of trees. 

·         Trembling Aspen

·         Swedish Columnar Aspen

·         Prairie Sky Poplar

·         Northwest Poplar

·         Sundancer Poplar

The best part is we currently have a Mix and Match Sale for the following sizes:

·         10 or more trees 15% off

·         20 or more trees 25% off

Swedish Aspen 

·         #2 Pot

·         #7 Pot

·         #15 Pot

·         Wire Basket

Trembling Aspen

·         #5 Pot

Prairie Sky, Northwest, and Sundancer Poplar

·         #2 Pot