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Current weather at the Nursery

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Plan Your Visit To Kiwi Nurseries!

We are so excited to be a part of the Province wide invitation to our urban neighbors to come share stories and sample farm life!   We will be providing a 15-20 minute walking tour of our tree farm where you can see first hand how this large operation works, as well as a 15 minute tree moving demonstration with our 90" tree spade truck! Our retail yard is full of various varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials, even late into the fall, so you will find some beautiful areas to also sit and enjoy nature. We also have a self guided scavenger hunt available at any time Saturday & Sunday in our show garden.

Things to expect at Kiwi:

  • Many varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials to browse through
  • Beverages and snacks  available for purchase
  • Greenhouse, shaded plant and sitting area (bring umbrella if raining)
  • Gravel, grass, uncovered soil (bring appropriate footware especially if it rains)
  • Porta potties

Saturday & Sunday August 19-20, 2017 Schedule of Events:

  • 10:00 - Doors Open
  • 10:30 - Tree Spade Demonstration
  • 11:00 - Walking Farm Tour
  • 12:00 - Tree Spade Demonstration
  • 12:30 - Walking Farm Tour
  • 1:00 Tree Spade Demonstration
  • 1:30 Walking Farm Tour
  • 3:00 Tree Spade Demonstration
  • 3:30 Walking Tour
  • 4:00 Doors Close 

For more info on farmdays visit http://albertafarmdays.com/

Highlights from Farm Days August 19th! and we still have apples to sample.  We will be here from 10:00-4:00 Sunday August 20th. 

Goats         Loads_of_Apples

Hedges are used for multiple reasons such as creating boundaries, privacy, wind break, deterring people, deterring animals, and aesthetics.  The most common variety of shrubs used for hedging are:

  • Common Caragana
  • Peking Cotoneaster
  • Alpine Currant

Currently here at Kiwi Nurseries, you can purchase these plants in bulk and receive a discount! 

Cotoneaster #1 Pot

  • 15 or more $10.50/ea (Save $4.50/ea)
  • 30 or more $8.00/ea (Save $7.00/ea)

Cotoneaster #2 Pot

  • 15 or more $18.75/ea (Save $6.25/ea)
  • 30 or more $16.00/ea (Save 9.00/ea)

 Alpine Current #5 Pot

  • 15 or more $25.00/ea

 Common Caragana #1 Pot

  • 15 or more $11.25/ea (Save $3.75/ea)
  • 30 or more $9.50/ea (save $5.50/ea)


Do you live in a windy area or are you looking to  create privacy in your back yard? Consider creating a shelter belt and or privacy wall with these perfect varieties of trees. 

·         Trembling Aspen

·         Swedish Columnar Aspen

·         Prairie Sky Poplar

·         Northwest Poplar

·         Sundancer Poplar

The best part is we currently have a Mix and Match Sale for the following sizes:

·         10 or more trees 15% off

·         20 or more trees 25% off

Swedish Aspen 

·         #2 Pot

·         #7 Pot

·         #15 Pot

·         Wire Basket

Trembling Aspen

·         #5 Pot

Prairie Sky, Northwest, and Sundancer Poplar

·         #2 Pot






Shrubs in any of our #5 purple Grand Prize containers are 30% off! (*see picture) Some of the varieties we have include:    

  • Barberries
  • Cranberries
  • Potentilla 

Come explore the Nursery to find your favorite shrubs while supplies last! 

#5 purple grand prize

All our roses are also 30% off while supplies last!

We currently have the Morden series, some of the Explorer series, Never Alone, Campfire etc. We also have the Canadian Shield rose, which were created to be hardy all accross Canada as a special tribute for our nation’s 150thBirthday!